Fixx Nutrition - Discovery Bundle - 5 Pack

Fixx Nutrition - Discovery Bundle - 5 Pack

Fixx Nutrition - Discovery Bundle - 5 Pack

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The Fixx Nutrition Discovery Bundle Pack is a complete collection designed to introduce you to Fixx and level up your endurance nutrition. Packed with a diverse array of gels and powders, this bundle will have you charging towards the finish line (or wherever you're heading).


Each bundle includes:

1 x Gel X Pro Energy Gel Lemon Sorbet (40g)

Crafted for peak performance, Gel X Pro is a dual-source energy gel with a precisely balanced 1:0.8 carbohydrate:fructose ratio. It optimises carbohydrate usage, diminishes reliance on stored carbs and minimises stomach discomfort. Packing 120 calories and 29.3g of carbohydrates, it provides a potent energy boost to fuel workouts and accomplish fitness goals. 


1 x Gel X Pro Energy Gel ColdBrew Espresso (with caffeine) (40g)

Similar to the Lemon Sorbet Gel X Pro, the ColdBrew Espresso energy gel provides a comparable energy surge but with an added 75mg of caffeine. Both Gel X Pro Energy gels include 440mg of alanine and 220mg of sodium to aid in energy absorption and hydration.


1 x Fuel X Pro Endurance Fuel Sachet Watermelon (55g)

Fuel X Pro is unmatched athlete nutrition enriched with swift-absorbing amino acids (BCAAs). Fuel X Pro Endurance Fuel Sachets offer all-natural ingredients, zero artificial additives, no aftertaste and minimal digestive impact. Optimal before and during training and racing, with 200 calories, 47.6g carbs and 460mg sodium per sachet.   


1 x Fuel X Endurance Fuel Sachet Tropical (55g)

Fuel X Endurance contains electrolytes specifically designed to replenish all the essential elements lost during endurance activities, ensuring you remain energised, hydrated and replenished while training or competing. This natural product is free from additional sweeteners and is easily and rapidly absorbed with minimal impact on the digestive system. 


1 x Cold Brew Coffee Shot Double Espresso (50ml):

Packed with 150mg of naturally sourced caffeine and 16g of carbohydrates per bottle, the Fixx Cold Brew Coffee Shot provides a delicious hit of double espresso. Enjoy it straight from the travel-sized bottle or pour it over ice with milk for a pre-workout jumpstart or a mid-workout pick me up.

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