Aid Station - 10 Piece Recovery Kit

Aid Station - 10 Piece Recovery Kit

Aid Station - 10 Piece Recovery Kit

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Your recovery just got easier.


The Aid Station Recovery Kit features 10 nutritious products, from a variety of brands, to assist in post-workout recovery. The kit is a super-convenient way to explore what other elite athletes are using and comes packed full of protein-rich goodness, cramp solutions and essential fuels to fend off fatigue. 


When it comes to recovery, protein is key. Proteins support tissue repair and muscle growth while providing essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for repairing damaged muscles. Regular protein intake helps to regulate inflammation and boost the immune system, which, again, promotes faster recovery and peak performance.

Check it out – you're sure to find a few new favourites.


Every kit includes:

1 x PREPD Hydration Mango Recover Drink (350ml)

PREPD Recovery Drinks are low in sugar and have an optimal blend of electrolytes to rapidly replenish fluids. They have the additional benefits of whey protein isolate and BCAAs to optimise muscle repair, plus prebiotic fibre for gut health and a strengthened immune system.


1 x Infinit Nutrition Repair Vanilla (79g)

Created to replenish muscle glycogen levels, Infinit Nutrition Repair uses three different proteins – whey, casein and soy – to promote maximum recovery. Combined with carbohydrates and amino acids, this mix allows for a long-lasting, time-released recovery maximising the effectiveness of all ingredients. 


1 x Pure Sports Nutrition Salted Caramel Whey Protein Sachet (38g)

PURE Whey Protein Concentrate is a premium natural protein powder made using New Zealand whey protein, Manuka honey, natural caramel flavouring and sea salt. With an amazing caramel aroma, natural taste and 22g of protein, this is a premium post-workout drink. 


1 x Tailwind Chocolate Recovery Mix Stick (61g)

Tailwind Recovery Mix is the first sport recovery drink based on a patent-pending perfectly complete protein. It boasts 11g of protein and 43g of carbs for a smooth post-workout recovery. 


1 x Radix Nutrition Recovery Smoothie V2 Whey Based Berry & Banana (65g)

With at least 30 grams of Whey Protein DIAAS Complex™ 1.61, 12 grams of essential amino acids and 2.5 grams of leucine, each serving provides the building blocks for repairing muscles and adapting to demands. DIAAS stands for Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score and is the leading scientific method of measuring protein quality.


1 x Clif Bar Builders Protein Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter (68g)

Clif Builders Protein Energy Bar is a delicious protein-packed treat where every ingredient counts. The Builder's Protein Bar boasts 20g of complete protein and a well-balanced mix carbohydrates and fats, ensuring sustained energy. Enjoy a flavourful, nutritious snack that fuels your body with purpose.  


1 x Veloforte Protein Bar Mocha (70g)

Veloforte's Mocha Protein Bar is a delicious, nutritious snack blending the rich, indulgent flavours of hazelnut, coffee, cocoa and dates into an easy-to-eat crunchy (but juicy) bar. With a carbohydrate:protein ratio of 4:1, each Mocha bar has plenty of the all-natural essential stuff to kickstart your recovery.


1 x Pickle Juice Shot Bottle (75ml)

Pickle Juice uses a proprietary grain and blend of organic vinegar that blocks that nerve signal sent from brain to muscle. Like magic, this simply shot shuts down the neurological cue for cramping and essentially "turns off" that nasty cramping feeling quickly.


1 x Beet It Sport Regen Cherry+ Shot (70ml)

Beet It Regen Cherry+ is a potent shot crafted from concentrated sour cherry juice (58%) and concentrated beetroot juice (42%). Tailored for post-exercise recovery, it harnesses sour cherry's remarkable anti-inflammatory attributes, easing symptoms and expediting recuperation from strenuous workouts.


1 x Crampfix Raspberry Quickfix Shot (20ml)

This shot contains nothing but water, vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium chloride and natural flavour. The concentrated blend treats muscle cramps by targeting the nervous system, rather than the muscle, acting as a sensory stimulant to block overactive nerve signals that cause cramps. 

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