Get the most out of your training with Maurten, Australia’s most popular sports fuel company. Maurten uses hydrogel technology to develop products backed by science and numerous research initiatives. Browse this collection of natural, high carb hydrogels and other  performance enhancing products. Top endurance athletes worldwide swear by them! 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Maurten Starter Pack, and what does it include?

The Maurten Starter Pack is a comprehensive package designed to introduce you to Maurten's range of sports nutrition products. It contains a selection of their popular items, such as drink mixes and gels, allowing you to experience Maurten’s top selling products. 


2. What is included in the Maurten Discovery 8 Pack?

The Maurten Discovery 8 Pack offers a variety of Maurten's sports nutrition products from energy gels, and drink mixes to the power-packed energy bars too. This pack is tailored for those who want to explore different options and flavours.


3. Tell me more about the Maurten Gel 100 and Gel 100 Caf 100.

The Maurten Gel 100 is a highly-rated energy gel  that delivers carbohydrates and electrolytes to your body in a convenient form. The Gel 100 Caf 100 is another variant of this gel, infused with caffeine, for that extra kick. Both options provide quick and effective energy during physical activities.


4. What's special about the Maurten Solid 225 - Natural and Solid 225 - Cacao?

The Maurten Solid 225 is a convenient and energy-rich sports nutrition energy bar. The Solid 225 - Natural and Solid 225 - Cacao are flavours you can choose from, both starting from $4.99. These products offer sustained energy and come in easy-to-consume solid forms.


5. What are the key features of Maurten Drink Mix 160 and Drink Mix 320?

Maurten's Drink Mix 160 and Drink Mix 320 are formulated to provide optimal hydration and energy during workouts. The Drink Mix 160 has 40 grams of carbohydrates per serving with the Drink Mix 320 offers 80 grams per serve.


6. What's unique about Maurten Drink Mix 320 Caf 100?
The Maurten Drink Mix 320 Caf 100 is a variation of the Drink Mix 320, infused with caffeine. This blend combines hydration and a boost of energy and is specifically designed for ultra-endurance athletes who need to maintain high levels of energy for extended periods.


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