Energy Gels

Endurance athletes, like runners and cyclists, require a great deal of stamina for their chosen discipline. And though sports drinks are most commonly used to enhance performance, they may not give an individual as much energy as they require. This is where energy gels come in; a valuable carbohydrate solution, these gels not only provide endurance athletes with a significant energy boost, but are also easily consumed without water. 

You can test these gels for yourself by choosing from our premium range of sports energy gels made by your favourite brands. Add 'em to your kit and feel the energy boost during your next training session or event.


Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What flavours of energy gels should I try?

The numerous brands that Aid Station stocks have many unique flavours to suit your vibe. Consider trying the birthday cake, strawberry banana, lemonade, fruit punch and more.


2. What brands of energy gels does Aid Station stock?

Maurten, Clif, Huma Gel, GU, Hammer Nutrition, Neversecond, Science in Sport, Koda Nutrition, Pure Sports Nutrition, Precision Fuel & Hydration and more!


 3. Are there any variety packs available?

Yes! Check out every athlete's favourites in our All-In-One Variety Pack. We've put together some of our best sellers across the brands you know and love! including Neversecond, Maurten, GU Energy and Precision Fuel & Hydration


4. Does Aid Station stock any energy gels with fruit ingredients?

Yes. Shop our wide range of energy gels across brands with inviting flavours like wild berry, lemonade, salted watermelon, mango and more. We also stock products made from real fruit – try Muir, Spring Energy, Veloforte and Pure Sports Nutrition.


5. What if I have allergies or sensitivities?

Product ingredients are listed on each item's page. If you have allergies or sensitivities, please review these details carefully and consult with a healthcare professional if needed.


6. Can I mix different energy products for a customised approach?

Absolutely. Many athletes combine gels, chews and drink mixes to tailor their energy intake. Experiment in training to find what works best for you; that said, ensure that you pay attention to the usage instructions of each product and the maximum serving instructions. 


7. Are these energy products suitable for beginners or only experienced athletes?

Our products cater to athletes of all levels. Start with smaller servings during training to gauge how your body responds and adjust as needed. Think of the smaller servings as a test run to see if the gel agrees with your stomach. 


8. What's the shelf life of these products?

 Check individual product packaging for specific expiration dates.


9. How many energy gels should I consume per hour?

The number of gels depends on factors like your body's tolerance and the intensity and duration of your activity. Gels can vary from 22–50g of carbohydrates per gel, so it's important to practise your own fuelling strategies in training. To understand carbohydrate intake further, please read this informative article about carbohydrates


10. Does Aid Station offer any bundles or combo packs?

Yes! We're excited to be able to offer a range of bundles and combo packs designed to enhance your performance journey. Discover our diverse selection of Product Bundles tailored to suit your specific needs. From comprehensive recovery kits to energy gel combos, our bundles provide convenient solutions to elevate your training and endurance experience.


11. What types of athletes would benefit from using energy gels?

These gels are aimed at those athletes that need a lot of energy for their sport like triathletes, runners, trail runners, cyclists, tennis players and football players. Anyone requiring high levels of endurance will benefit from using energy gels.


12. Does Aid Station stock any caffeinated Gels?
Yep. Gels that include caffeine have been shown to improve exercise performance. We have caffeinated energy gels from GU Energy, Neversecond, Science In Sport (SIS), Maurten and more.


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