Fixx Nutrition

Fixx Nutrition is an Australian sports nutrition company based in Burleigh Heads. Fixx originally specialised in cramp solutions but now makes a range of top-tier products including gels, cold-brew coffee shots and drink mixes. Ready to get your Fixx?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of energy products do we offer?

Aid Station stocks a diverse range of energy products including energy gels, energy chews, drink mixes, and recovery powders to support your athletic performance.


2. Are Fixx Nutrition products suitable for different dietary preferences?

Fixx Nutrition's products are gluten-free and vegan. Check individual product details and nutrition facts for any and all specific dietary information you may need.


3.  Are there any products with caffeine that I can eat for an extra boost?

Yes, Fixx Nutrition has several caffeinated options, which are clearly indicated in the product descriptions. These can provide an additional energy kick during your workouts. Aid Station also stocks a wide range of caffeinated energy chews, energy gels and even energy stroopwafels!


4. What products are best for athletes’ cramps?

Fixx Nutrition also makes CrampFix, which relieves muscle cramps.


5. When is the best time to consume Fixx Nutrition for optimal results?

Usage will differ from product to product. For information regarding timings and consumption, please see individual Fixx Nutrition products.

6. Can Fixx Nutrition  be consumed during endurance activities like marathons or triathlons?

Sure can. Fixx Nutrition makes a range of products – gels, drink mixes and cramp fixes – designed to help you through all sorts of endurance activities.


7. What are Energy Chews? Do they come in different flavours?

Energy Chews are convenient bite-sized boosts of energy. They are made with a perfect blend of flavour and electrolytes and come in fruity variants.


8. Is Fixx Nutrition vegan?

Yep, the entire Fixx Nutrition range (unless marked otherwise) is vegan.



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