About Us

About Aid Station
Whether a first-timer, experienced race-goer, or full-on pro, being an endurance athlete isn't easy. Between family and relationship commitments, full-time jobs, or running a business, training for these events takes a massive amount of discipline and commitment. 
Aid Station takes the stress out of the nutrition side. We bring the best quality nutrition for endurance athletes together in one place. Aid Station supports you nutritionally, leaving you to focus on your goals and see what your mind and body are truly capable of. 
A letter from our founder
Aid Station was founded on a desire to deliver the best quality nutrition for endurance athletes. We believe nutrition is the first discipline. Without it, the distances covered in long format races are impossible. 
As an Ultraman triathlete and plant-based athlete myself, I'm always seeking the best way to fuel my body. But when I was training for Ultraman Australia, organising the right nutritional support stack for my team and me was a challenge. Many products were out of stock, and I had to visit five different websites to source what we needed. There had to be a better way—one that didn't take up more precious time in an already demanding training schedule. 
Enter Aid Station, the first online store in Australia dedicated to offering endurance athletes everything they need nutritionally, in one place. We're here to help you perform better, accomplish big goals, and enjoy the experience. 
With the proper nutrition on board, you can go further and feel great doing it. So whether you're a trail runner, triathlete, ironman, or outdoor enthusiast, I know you'll find something at Aid Station to help you achieve your dreams. 
Happy training,

James McCleery
Founder Aid Station