Science In Sport (SIS)

Boost your training with Science in Sport, a top-tier sports nutrition brand that has been a pioneer in performance since 1992. Discover a range of high-quality products supported by science and loved by world-class endurance athletes. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of energy products does Science in Sport offer?

The Science in Sport range includes energy bars, a number of different energy gels, drink mixes, hydration tablets and recovery powders. If you can't find what you're looking for, check out Aid Station's diverse range of energy products including energy gels, energy chews, drink mixes and recovery powders.


2. Are Science in Sport's products suitable for different dietary preferences?

Science in Sport has a wide range of products that are vegan and free from dairy and/or gluten. Be sure to check individual product details and nutrition facts for the specific dietary information you may need.


3. Are there any Science in Sport products with caffeine that I can eat for an extra boost?

A number of Science in Sport's energy gels contain caffeine – check out the Go Energy + Caffeine and Beta Fuel gels. Aid Station also stocks a wide range of caffeinated products, so take a look at our best-selling energy chews, energy gels and energy stroopwafels.


4. What products are best for athletes’ cramps?

Pickle juice has gained popularity for its potential to relieve muscle cramps due to its high sodium and electrolyte content. Some athletes believe that its quick ingestion can help alleviate cramps, possibly due to the sodium-triggering nerve receptors that influence muscle contractions.


5. When is the best time to consume Science in Sport for optimal results?

Recommended consumption instructions will vary between Science in Sport products. Consumption timing will depend on the product and your performance goals.

6. Can Science in Sport products be consumed during endurance activities like marathons or triathlons?

You bet. Science in Sport's energy gels, energy chews, hydration mixes and energy bars are great during endurance events and tough training sessions.


7. What are Energy Chews? Do they come in different flavours?

Energy Chews are convenient bite-sized boosts of energy. They are made with a perfect blend of flavour and electrolytes and come in fruity variants. 


8. What is the difference between Science in Sport's energy gels?

Science in Sport has three types of energy gels: Go Plus Isotonic, Go Energy + Caffeine, and Beta Fuel. The main difference is seen in the amount of carbohydrates and caffeine.

The Beta Fuel Apple Energy Gel, for example, contains a large amount of carbohydrates – 40g in single serve plus 200mg caffeine, 200mg Theanine, 1g L-taurine and 250mg Cognizin for increased cognitive performance.

With 21g of carbohydrates, Go Energy + Caffeine gels provides approximately a third of your required hourly intake (60-90g). Add in 75mg of caffeine and you’ve got a handy energy boost that’ll improve performance, alertness and concentration while still being easy to digest.

SiS Isotonic Energy Gels deliver 22g of carbohydrates per gel to improve your performance. Designed to consume without water, the isotonic formula provides fast energy without the risk of feeling bloated.


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