Huma Gel

Inspired by the Tarahumara, an Indigenous tribe in Mexico made famous by the best-selling book Born to Run, Hüma Gel aims to promote a healthy lifestyle while providing nutrients to help runners better endure whatever comes their way. Having seen demand grow for its gels, Hüma expanded its range to include recovery smoothies and electrolyte hydration mixes. Chia seeds remain core to its gels and smoothies, alongside real fruit, citric acid, sea salt, cane sugar and brown rice syrup. All natural, all backed by science. And damn they taste good too.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of energy products do we offer?

As the name suggests, Hüma Gel began by creating energy gels and has since expanded its range to include smoothies and hydration mixes. Aid Station stocks a diverse range of energy products including energy gels, energy chews, drink mixes, and recovery powders to support your athletic performance. 


2. Are these products suitable for different dietary preferences?

Hüma Gel caters for various dietary requirements including vegans and those intolerant of gluten and/or dairy. Be sure to check individual product details and nutrition facts for the specific dietary information you may need.


3. Are there any products with caffeine that I can eat for an extra boost?

Yep, Hüma Gel has a number of gels with caffeine in them. Aid Station also stocks a wide range of caffeinated products – take a look at our best-selling energy chews, energy gels and energy stroopwafels.


4. What products are best for athletes’ cramps?

Pickle juice has gained popularity for its potential to relieve muscle cramps due to its high sodium and electrolyte content. Some athletes believe that its quick ingestion can help alleviate cramps, possibly due to the sodium-triggering nerve receptors that influence muscle contractions.


5. When is the best time to consume Hüma Gel for optimal results?

Recommended consumption instructions can be found in each Hüma Gel product description. Ideally, you'd be having a Hüma Gel before and during your races for an all-natural energy boost.

6. Can Hüma Gel be consumed during endurance activities like marathons or triathlons?

You bet! Hüma Gel's products are designed to power you through the toughest events or training sessions using all-natural ingredients like chia seeds, real fruit, cane sugar and brown rice syrup.


7. What are Energy Chews? Do they come in different flavours?

Energy Chews are convenient bite-sized boosts of energy. They are made with a perfect blend of flavour and electrolytes and come in fruity variants. 


8. Is Hüma Gel vegan?

Sure is! All Hüma Gel products are vegan, meaning plant-based athletes will find plenty to love here.


9. What flavours do Hüma Gels come in?

Hüma Gels come in a variety of flavours including:

  • Lemon Lime (with caffeine)
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry & Banana
  • Mocha
  • Mango


10. What are the benefits of Hüma Gel?

Hüma Gel's products make the most of all-natural ingredients. You'll gain all the benefits of world-class sports nutrition with none of the sickly stickiness of classic gel formulas. These gels are super fruity, delicious and get the job done.


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