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Ultimate Guide to Infinit Nutrition

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Since 2003, Infinit has been committed to proving that the difference between a good performance and a great performance is nutrition.


What is Infinit Nutrition?

Founded by athletes who understood the importance of nutrition, and realised that it didn’t have to be so complicated, Infinit Nutrition has been fuelling elite athletes and weekend warriors for over 20 years now. Founder and CEO Michael Folan dreamed of creating an isotonic, all-in-one nutrition solution containing everything an athlete needs and knew first hand – as a ten-time IRONMAN finisher and cancer survivor – that fuel needs to provide enough calories and protein while being easy on the gut and tasting good when you’re feeling nauseous.


Where is Infinit Nutrition based?

Infinit Nutrition is headquartered in Ohio, Cincinnati. In 2010, Jason Cheshire – a diehard triathlete and Infinit user – bought Infinit’s Australian licence and continues to operate the Australian business from the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland.


Is Infinit Nutrition a good brand?

Infinit is a top-tier brand that’s loved by both professional and amateur athletes. Their sponsored athletes include Ironman Tim Van Berkel, triathlete Amelia Watkinson, ultrarunner Ben Duffus and Olympian Radka Kahlefeldt.

Infinit offers readymade products as well as personalised blends, which can be altered depending on what’s needed for an upcoming event or training session. Because of this, there really is an Infinit product that’s perfect for every kind of endurance enthusiast.                   

Infinit Nutrition - Drink Mix


Best Infinit Nutrition products

Below you’ll find a few of Aid Station’s favourite Infinit Nutrition products.


Infinit Nutrition Tempo Run

This is a pure crystalline powder that provides all the benefits of a bar or gel without the mess or cost. It’s super simple to use: one scoop = one serve = one hour of fuel. A full flask will provide three hours of fuel – a tasty solution for training sessions of every length. With two flavours – green apple and grape – available, we also have caffeinated versions in case you’re after a bigger boost during your run.

Infinit Nutrition - Tempo


Infinit Nutrition Repair

Created to replenish muscle glycogen levels, Infinit Nutrition's Vanilla Repair uses three different proteins – whey, casein and soy – to promote maximum recovery. It also contains four different carbohydrates and amino acids including valine and L-Glutamine, making this a great choice of recovery blend after a draining session. Oh, and it’s also delicious.

Infinit Nutrition - Repair


Infinit Nutrition Jet Fuel Drink Mix

It’s all in the name, right? If you’re after a serious energy hit then Jet Fuel is your one-stop-shop for an easily digested boost. The lemon-lime powder packs 125mg of caffeine per serving along with glucose and electrolytes, keeping you boosted, hydrated, and ready to rip up the track or trail. Just add water!

Infinit Nutrition - Jet Fuel

Infinit Nutrition Renew

Made from a blend of Australian sourced brown rice and fava bean proteins, this all-natural vegan protein is a top recovery drink for any time of day. Its natural chocolate flavour makes it a go-to choice when you need a morning protein boost or mid-afternoon snack. Blend it up with ice-cold water or your fave alternative milk for a smooth and satisfying drink.

Infinit Nutrition - Renew

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