The Big Benefits of Precision Fuel & Hydration for you!

The Big Benefits of Precision Fuel & Hydration for you!

James McCleery ·

Precision Fuel & Hydration begins their story in 2011 when their founder Andy Blow developed a simple yet effective way to help athletes like determine and understand their body’s overall hydration needs.

Andy, a regular podium finisher, always believes that he can score big but then, like just anyone of us, he’s also bound to experience a few setbacks and struggles to reach some of his goals due to preventable fuelling issues. 

Muscle cramps and other hydration issues such as hyponatremia (having a low sodium level in the blood) had pushed him to work hard to figure out a solution to these problems and with the help of a highly respected surgeon, Dr. Raj Jutley – Precision Fuel & Hydration was born.

As the company grew, they expanded their offering of unique solutions (electrolyte tablets, gels, and drink mix) and services to a huge list of professional sports teams like the NBA, NFL, International Rugby Union, NHL, MLB, MotoGP and Formula 1 motor racing and all the elite individuals from the world of marathon, cycling, running, triathlon and a lot more.

Another great thing is that they are expanding their offer to all military service men, firefighters and railway workers who are working in a harsh environment and exposed to such extreme heat and exhaustion.

Now, given all the wealth of data on how athletes sweat through their Sweat Test centers, their mission to give every athlete the large access to a strategic hydration makes this company one of the best, and a well-trusted brand that you can rely on.

Aid Station x Precision Fuel & Hydration

At Aid Station, we’re so proud to partner with Precision Fuel & Hydration and offer a wide range of products that are now available in our store to give you the best hydration products in the market today!

Precision Fuel & Hydration - Energy Gel

This great tasting, easy to consume Precision Fuel & Hydration Gel is absolutely your best choice because it is made with all natural ingredients and it’s vegan friendly. Packed with ample amounts of carbohydrates per serving, designed to fuel your body during an intense workout or training session that exceeds more than an hour. Available in 30g (with 30g carbohydrates) and 90g (with 90g carbohydrates) Jumbo Gel.

Precision Fuel & Hydration - Electrolyte Tablets

A mild tasting, effervescent Precision Fuel & Hydration electrolyte tablet is typically used by athletes to keep them hydrated and stay on top of the game. It also helps the muscle to recover faster after vigorous training. It’s low in calories and vegan friendly. These electrolyte tablets come with different strengths to match how you sweat — PH 500, PH 1000 and PH 1500.

Precision Fuel & Hydration - PF 30 Drink Mix

Precision Fuel & Hydration PF 30 Drink Mix delivers the trifecta of carbs, fluids and electrolytes. It is designed for high intensity efforts that lasts more than an hour and actively replaces the sodium and other important nutrients that are lost when you sweat a lot. Its flavour is neutral, great for everyone who enjoys a mild taste and is vegan friendly.

Precision Fuel & Hydration - Drink Mix PH 500, PH 1000, PH 1500

The PH level in Precision Fuel & Hydration matches how you sweat. It’s designed to give you the best fuel when your body has lost a huge amount of sodium, especially if you sweat too much. Guaranteed to help you maximize your workout and training without feeling fatigue. Available in PH 500, PH 1000 and PH 1500. Made with all-natural ingredients, and is vegan friendly!

Precision Fuel & Hydration - Electrolyte Salt Capsules

These 250mg salt capsules by Precision Fuel & Hydration are super convenient especially if you’re in the midst of a race or a hard training session and you suddenly feel the need to replenish your body. These are also great for those who finds themselves in the heavier sweater category.

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