Skratch Labs inspiring people to live a healthy and active lifestyle

Skratch Labs inspiring people to live a healthy and active lifestyle

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This company is rooted in the science behind professional cycling and was founded by Dr.Allen Lim, a former sports scientist and coach for a professional cycling team. A small business that started with making and selling sport food and sport drink products made from real ingredients to optimise physical performance.

The creation of “secret drink mix” started in his kitchen creating a recipe with less sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and no flavour enhancer added, but rather it has been improved with more sodium content that is vital in our working muscle. A clean and simple taste that’s made with real fruit and soon the word “Secret Drink Mix” spread fast and became popular at which not only endurance athletes were getting the benefits from it but also rock climber’s, race car drivers, Peace Corps and normal individuals looking for healthier sport food and sport drink alternative.

As the demand grew, so did Skratch. Their mission: to develop and sell sport food and sport drinks that are made of all-natural ingredients, taste great and solve problems for active people. They intend to support you and your active life to the best that they can.

Like most things in life, we figure things out as we go. That said, a few things remain clear - that sport food and sport drink are better when made from scratch and that no matter where we find ourselves in life, it’s never too late to start from scratch.

Aid Station x Skratch labs

Here at Aid Station, we’re truly committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals and to serve you better, so we’ve teamed up with Skratch labs bringing a variety of their sports nutrition products to help you improve and thrive. All products are available in-stocks now!

Skratch labs - Sports Energy Chews

Skratch labs - Sports Energy Chews are little candy chews that’s made from the finest real fruit ingredient. A steady source of energy that will surely provide you with the fuel you need during training or a big race. It’s gluten free and vegan friendly. Trust us, you’ll want to try these!

Skratch labs - Sport Hydration Drink Mix

Skratch labs - Sports Hydration Drink Mix was originally known as the “Secret Drink Mix” that the founder Dr.Allen Lim has created. He designed his own energy sports drink, and focused on combining the essential ingredient in one powerful energy mix. It’s easy on the gut, and works wonders for anyone who wants to replenish their body’s electrolyte store.

Skratch Labs - Sports Crispy Rice Cakes

Skratch labs - Sports Crispy Rice Cakes is considered one of the best foods for fueling as it is made from rice. At first, they’re wondering how they could create a more enticing “rice” snack and make people love it. After some research they came up with a tasty rice crispy treat that is made with puffed rice, toasted grain, and marshmallow that could provide you with complex carbohydrates that you need to get the best energy fuel. With the addition of Skratch labs tasty treats, it surely will be one of your favorite energy fuel snacks, anywhere you go!

Skratch Labs - Energy Bars

Skratch Labs - Energy Bars uses an all-natural, whole food ingredient that’s suitable for use anytime one is hungry and needs a mix of macronutrients to their diet. Keeping you well-fueled and full when you need it most. It’s low in sugar, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and kosher. A satisfying snack that you can consume pre-ride, after a long ride and as a recovery snack.

Skratch labs - Sport Super Fuel Drink Mix

Skratch labs - Sport Super Fuel Drink Mix is created for athletes who push it to the limit. It’s known that in order for your body to absorb the best nutrients it needs to consume whole foods – but you cannot always carry real food with you. This superfuel mix is your power in a bottle. It contains 400 calories powered by Cluster Dextrin ™ and electrolytes to replace those who are lost when you sweat without causing gastrointestinal distress.

Skratch Labs - Sport Vegan Recovery Drink

Skratch Labs - Sport Vegan Recovery Drink is the proper balance mix of vegan proteins, fats and carbohydrates to speed up your recovery and rebuild your muscles for an improved physical performance. Same nutritional profile as the dairy based recovery mix, just vegan.

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