One step closer to Kona with Koda Nutrition

One step closer to Kona with Koda Nutrition

Patrick Boxall ·

Koda Nutrition is an Australian business that prides itself on being a sports nutrition company, rather than a marketing company working in the sports nutrition industry (there’s a big difference). They launched over 25 years ago as ‘Carboshotz’, producing easy-to-consume gels and liquids that quickly gained popularity. New products followed, which taught the team that they needed to address an athlete’s individual need, rather than one-size-fits-all solution. The ‘Shotz Electrolyte Tablet’ was the result, which came with a change of business name to Shotz Sports Nutrition.

As the company expanded both its size and offering, a third name change was soon on the horizon, taking its final form in Koda Nutrition. The name, which celebrates endurance sports, is a combination of ‘Coda’ – a musical term meaning ending, or finish – and ‘Kona’, the Hawaiian district where so many incredible feats of endurance have taken place. 

Koda Nutrition now produces electrolyte tablets, energy gels, energy bars and a recovery protein powder, as well as drink bottles and flasks. The brand is especially loved by endurance athletes because all its products seem to cause minimal stomach distress while training or racing. Koda sponsors some of Australia’s most epic events, like the Cape to Cape, Port to Port and Reef to Reef mountain-bike races in Margaret River, Newcastle and FNQ respectively, as well as Ultra Trail Australia and international events including Japan’s Mt Awa Skyrace. We highly recommend getting involved in as many as them as you can!

Aid Station x Koda Nutrition

At Aid Station, we’re proud to stock a range of Koda Nutrition products including energy gels, energy bars and electrolyte hydration tablets.

Koda Nutrition Energy Gels

With all-natural ingredients, KODA Energy Gels are not only great tasting, they're made to give you a powerful energy boost when you need it most. The gel formula enters the bloodstream at lightning speed to help keep active muscles energised and your mind sharp for sustained performance. They pack a punch, with 117 calories in a tiny 33ml serving. This is a crucial characteristic, given your digestive system can only process so much with an elevated heart rate.


Koda Nutrition Energy Bars

The KODA Energy Bar offers a guilt-free, energy-packed snack that delivers in every way. They're easy to pack for any race or ride and even easier to consume—even at an elevated heart rate. We stock three delicious flavours – salted caramel, cacao mint and cocoa berry – which are available to purchase as single bars or a box of twelve.

Koda Nutrition Electrolyte Hydration Tablets

For a sports drink without the sugar, KODA Electrolyte Hydration Tablets are the perfect allies to enhance your hydration game. We love their subtle taste, sugar-free formula, and slight effervescence – so refreshing.

Ready to take your endurance to an elite level? Shop our range of Koda Nutrition products here.

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