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Clif Bar & Company

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Reach new heights with Clif.

Clif Bar & Company has become synonymous with the outdoor world. And like all great stories, theirs began with someone thinking to themselves, ‘I can do better than this.’ In Clif’s case, that someone was Gary Erickson, a baker and mountaineering guide, who was tucking into tasteless energy bars during a long ride and decided that he couldn’t take another bite. He spent the next two years tinkering around in his mother’s kitchen, then debuted three flavours at a 1991 bike show. Within a year, he’d sold over $700,000 worth of product.

Since launching, Clif has expanded in every sense of the word. Their range now covers bars, chews and gels, while their headquarters has moved from Gary’s mother’s kitchen to an incredible office in Emery, California, which boasts a climbing wall, gym, massage rooms and yoga and dance studios. Furthermore, the company has endeavoured to invest in renewable energy, use more ethical ingredients, limit plastic and incentivise employees to switch to hybrid cars. Clif may have had a huge impact on the outdoor culture, but it’s doing what it can to minimise its impact on the outdoors more generally. 

Aid Station x Clif

Keen to try Clif’s products? We’ve got you covered for chews, bars and gels. Read on to find out more about each category.

Clif Bar

These are the OG Clif products and have more than stood the test of time. It’s been over 30 years since Gary Erickson first launched this product and though the flavours have changed, the bars remain as delicious as ever. Each bar contains 9–11g of protein and a blend of vitamins and minerals to support energy and recovery, and with seven different flavours available, you’re sure to find one that tickles your tastebuds. Whether you’re out on a ride, run, climb or whatever, Clif bars are the perfect fuel for an epic day.

Clif Blok Chews

Need a quick energy hit? Look no further than these tasty lightweight chews, which can be stuffed into a pocket or pack and easily consumed on the go. Each packet provides 100 calories and an easy-to-consume carbohydrates, making them a great option to prevent a sugar slump while racing or training. With a bunch of delicious flavours – some with caffeine, some without – these chews have quickly become a favourite for endurance events.

Clif Shot Energy Gel

If you’re a fan of Clif’s bars and chews, you’ll want to give their Shot Energy Gel range a red-hot go too. These gels provide an easily digestible, fast-acting source of energy thanks to dried cane syrup and maltodextrin, made with 85–90% organic ingredients. There’s a great range of flavours, including Double Expresso (not a typo) and Citrus, with some containing caffeine for an added boost. Try using them in conjunction with the Clif Bar and Clif Blok Chews for a well-rounded (and ‘on brand’) nutrition plan during your next training and/or race.

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