Styrkr - Starter Pack - 5pc

Styrkr - Starter Pack - 5pc

Styrkr - Starter Pack - 5pc

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The Styrkr Starter Pack offers five fuelling essentials for your next session, with enough energy to sustain a half marathon. Styrkr's naturally flavoured and vegan products are easy on the stomach and designed to be consumed over a long distance, without the drawbacks of flavour fatigue.

This is a fantastic all-round starter pack with the essentials to meet your nutrition goals and deliver on your next big race. 

Each pack includes:


1 x Gel30 Dual-Carb Energy Gel (72g)

Styrkr Gel30 Dual-Carb Energy Gels deliver potent benefits to athletes. The Gel30, with 30g of carbohydrates in a unique 1:0.8 maltodextrin to fructose ratio, accelerates gastric emptying and absorption, minimising gut irritation. With L-Arginine for sustained performance, it's vegan, gluten free and endorsed by the Vegan Society for an ethical journey to the finish line.

1 x Gel30 Caffeine+ Dual-Carb Energy Gel (72g) (with caffeine)

All the benefits of the Gel30 listed above but with an added beneficial boost of 150mg caffeine. 


1 x Bar50 Energy Bar Apple Cinnamon Caramel (75g)

BAR50 honours the classic Tour de France rice cakes, elevating the concept with foil-wrapped snacks featuring improved density, enhanced texture, a sleeker shape and higher energy yield. With three natural flavours, no artificial sweeteners, and over 50g of natural energy, it's an essential choice for when you're on-the-go. This flavour comes infused with invigorating flavours, including apple pieces, cinnamon, caramel and sultanas.


1 x SLT05 Quad-Blend Electrolyte Powder Sachet Raspberry Caffeine+ (5g)

With a quad-electrolyte blend (sodium 360mg, potassium chloride 280mg, magnesium 11mg and calcium 20mg), this hypotonic formula aids water retention to avoid muscle cramps. It mimics human sweat electrolytes, replenishing lost minerals and offering vital vitamins and antioxidant in strenuous or hot conditions. The 50mg of caffeine adds a nice boost, too.


1x Mix90 Dual-Carb Energy Drink Mix (95g)

Go big with Mix90, a drink mix delivering 90g of carbohydrates. The 1:0.8 maltodextrin to fructose ratio enhances absorption, minimising irritation, while L-Glutamine (3g) reduces fatigue by lowering blood ammonia levels. Featuring 2g of electrolytes, Mix90 sustains hydration and prevents cramps while the unflavoured profile combats flavour fatigue over prolonged races or training sessions.

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