Skratch Labs - Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix Sachet - Lemon & Lime

Skratch Labs - Super-High Carb Sports Drink Mix - Lemon & Lime (53g)

Skratch Labs - Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix Sachet - Lemon & Lime

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Why We Love It

Skratch Labs' Super High-Carb Lemon & Lime Sport Drink Mix is serious sports science, a drink mix created for athletes who are going so hard they can’t take in enough calories. It uses cluster dextrin as a carbohydrate source, which provides 200 calories plus electrolytes per 53g serving. Skratch Labs have tested the formula with elite athletes including Gwen Jorgenson, a gold-medal-winning triathlete, and have proven its effectiveness in powering superhuman efforts without causing gastrointestinal distress. Because chewing is overrated anyway, right?


Talk Nerdy To Me

So, what exactly is cluster dextrin? Here’s what Skratch has to say: a cluster dextrin molecule has 60 to 70 glucose units linked together, while maltodextrin (the most common carb used in gels and drinks) contains 3–20 glucose units. That’s why it’s such a fantastic source of energy, providing 200 calories in every 53g serving. Best of all, cluster dextrin has a unique structure that steadily releases energy instead of everything breaking down at once, eliminating the risk of gastro problems while you’re pushing hard.


Fast Facts 

- For super-hard, sustained efforts

- Lemon & lime flavoured

- 200 calories per serve

- 200mg sodium per serve

- Easily mixes with water

- Vegan

- Gluten free

- Kosher

To Use: Add 7 scoops to 8 fl oz of water. Shake vigorously. Add remaining 8-12 additional fl oz of water and shake again. For better mixing, let sit for 15 minutes before use.

One serving provides 400 Kcals in a bottle. Use more or less mix per bottle depending on your caloric need.

Skratch Labs - Sport Superfuel Drink Mix

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