Omius - Cooling Headband 20pc - Black

Omius cooling headband
Omius cooling headband
Omius - Cooling Headband 20pc - Black
Omius cooling headband
Omius cooling headband

Omius - Cooling Headband 20pc - Black


Why We Love It
Omius Headband is the latest cooling technology to help adapt humans to an increasingly warmer planet and aid performance. Crafted with a specialised silicon grid to secure Omius cooling elements, it's your ideal companion under the scorching Australian sun. Stay cool, stay sharp, and conquer the heat with the Omius Headband – your ultimate solution to thrive in a warming world.

Talk Nerdy To Me
It is necessary to understand that sweat is the main mechanism by which our body cools down when we are doing physical activity. Through the squares on the front and back of the band, the Omius Headband is designed to increase the number of points where sweat and water can evaporate, thus allowing them to evaporate faster. The cooling pieces are replaceable and easily transferrable from one product to another.

Fast Facts

- Made of the highest-quality elastic material for an ergonomic and comfortable fit.
- Adjustable (one size fits all)
- 20 pieces of thermally conductive graphite in a hydrophilic coating
- Includes: headband, 20 pieces of cooling graphite, hard case for storage
- Weight: 50g (1.6oz)

Product Care

The cooling graphite are delicate and susceptible to chipping or breaking due to regular wear & tear. It's vital to handle them gently and avoid dropping the headband on hard surfaces, and ensure safe storage when not in use.


It is important to regularly wash salts and other impurities off the pieces. Gently hand wash the headband and backside of the cooling pieces using soft soap (dishwashing soap works great!). Rinse thoroughly to get rid of all the soap.

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