Infinit Nutrition - The Ultimate Drink Mix & Recovery 10 Pack

Infinit Nutrition - The Ultimate Drink Mix & Recovery 10 Pack

Infinit Nutrition - The Ultimate Drink Mix & Recovery 10 Pack

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Unlock your full athletic potential with the Infinit Nutrition Ultimate Drink Mix & Recovery 10 pack.

Crafted in Australia, Infinit Nutrition products boast 100% natural clean ingredients. Featuring an exclusive electrolyte blend enriched with sea salt, Infinit ensures optimal hydration during intense workouts. Enjoy the natural sweetness of pure cane sugar without any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, the Infinit Nutrition Drink Mix & Recovery 10 Pack is here to fuel your ambitions and keep you going strong. Experience the range of Infinit Nutrition's incredible drink mixes and discover the key to unlocking your peak performance.


Package includes:

1 x Infinit Nutrition Soft Flask Funnel

Measuring 70mm across, these convenient collapsable flask funnels are more than enough to take on even the biggest of scoops. If you are prone to an early morning nutrition spill on the kitchen counter, this item is definitely for you. 


1 x Infinit Nutrition Tempo Run Soft Flask (200ml)

This soft flask features a silicone bite valve, is BPA-free and offers the convenience of 60, 120, and 180ml markers. Infinit soft flasks make it easy for you to measure out your fluid of choice into your desired servings.

1 x Infinit Nutrition Jet Fuel Lemon & Lime (with Caffeine) (61g)

The powder packs 125mg of caffeine per serving along with glucose and electrolytes, keeping you boosted, hydrated, and ready to rip up the track or trail. Jet Fuel was created specifically for combating lactic acid using fast-absorbing glucose, unique blend of electrolytes and, of course, caffeine. 


1 x Infinit Nutrition Nocturne Chocolate (40g)

Nocturne contains 11g of ultra-pure whey protein isolate, to help aid in muscle repair. There’s also 2000mg of tryptophan, a natural essential amino acid that’s been known to increase levels of both melatonin and serotonin, which will assist you in getting a good night’s sleep.


1 x Infinit Nutrition Go Far Raspberry (74g)

1 x Infinit Nutrition Go Far Lemon & Lime (74g)

Go Far blends three separate sources of carbohydrates – maltodextrine, sucrose, glucose – allowing your body to process calories at a highly efficient level. Its unique electrolyte blend, which combines potassium chloride, sea salt, magnesium gluconate and calcium lactate gluconate, was developed to keep endurance athletes moving, while the four grams of whey protein helps stave off hunger.


1 x Infinit Nutrition Repair Chocolate (79g)

1 x Infinit Nutrition Repair Vanilla (79g)

Fast-absorbing whey protein combines with slow-absorbing casein and soy, which allows for both instant and ongoing muscle recovery. Combined with carbohydrates and amino acids, this mix allows for a long-lasting, time-released recovery maximising the effectiveness of all ingredients.  


1 x Infinit Nutrition Speed Orange (61g)

1 x Infinit Nutrition Speed Watermelon (61g)

Infinit Speed is packed with a higher percentage of glucose and electrolytes, allowing for explosive effort without bringing on cramps or digestion issues. Also featuring three different carbohydrate sources: maltodextrin, glucose, and sucrose, all of which are efficiently absorbed by the body. You’ve also got a unique electrolyte blend to assist in cramp prevention while keeping your body hydrated. 

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