COROS - Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch - Black Silicone

COROS - Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch - Black Silicone
COROS - Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch - Black Silicone (alt1)
COROS - Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch - Black Silicone - Face
COROS - Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch - Black Silicone - Side
COROS - Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch - Black Silicone - Back
COROS - Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch - Black Silicone - Under

COROS - Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch - Black Silicone

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Why We Love It

Monitor your training and recovery using the lightweight and comfortable PACE 3 equipped with advanced technology, offering exceptional data precision, battery life and supported by the the COROS training software system. There's so much tech packed in The PACE 3 you'll feel like you've got Batman's utility belt on your wrist. Compressed into an impressive all-in-one sports watch you've got GPS Coordinates, Elevation Profiles, Sun Movements, Custom Checkpoints, Activity Modes, Route Planning, Sleep Tracker and more. Who needs to fight crime when the biggest crime would be not to show off your stats every time you link up with your run club and cycling buddies. 


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The PACE 3 offers an extensive selection of activity modes, training plans, and workouts, covering running, cycling, swimming, strength training, and snow sports. Each mode is carefully optimised to provide precise measurement and tracking. Additionally, the silicone bands provide durability, quick drying, and easy maintenance. They're preferred by those who wear their watches around the clock, participate in water activities, and desire a durable watch band solution for long-term use.

Exploring and planning has become incredibly convenient. Simply create personalised routes or find a destination and sync them with the PACE 3 using the Explore page in the COROS app. Equipped with COROS's advanced optical heart rate sensor, monitoring your sleep, SpO2 levels, and workout intensity has never been more accurate, providing the most precise wrist-based measurements available.

Take it one step further and connect seamlessly with your favourite health and fitness applications such as Strava, Nike Run Club, Apple Health, and Health Connect. Stay in touch by receiving incoming texts and calls, utilise the Find My Phone feature to locate your device, and even manage your GoPro and Insta360 cameras directly from your wrist.


Fast Facts

 - 1.2" transflective touch screen display for enhance visibility in bright sunlight

- Night mode for easy-readability

- Lightweight and low-profile for all-day and night comfort

- Dual-frequency GPS for pinpoint distance calculation 

- Touch screen operation

- Water resistance to 5 ATM

- Built-in audio support to enjoy your favourite music on the go

- Friendly user-interface design and navigation features

- Next-generation optical heart rate and Sp02 sensors

- Extended battery life, with up to 17 days of continuous daily use and 38hrs of non-stop GPS use

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With over 20 modes ranging across Gym Cardio, Flatwater, Hiking, Biking, Jump Rope, Swimming, Running, Ski & Snowboard, Strength, Track & Trail Running - You'll be confident in tracking your data to help analyse and progress at your pace to exceed at what you love doing.

Equipped with a multitude of features such as the EvoLab, accessible through your COROS watch and app, offers race time and pace projections for distances like 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon, taken from your training data over the past six weeks. This predictive tool enables you to strategise effectively for your upcoming races.

Achieving optimal fitness improvement requires training with fatigue, yet pushing yourself too far when exhausted can increase the risk of injury. Following each workout, the recovery timer offers insights into the duration necessary for complete recovery. With consistent training using your COROS watch, EvoLab continuously refines its understanding of your fitness data, thus enhancing the accuracy of recovery feedback over time. This iterative learning process ensures that as you continue to train, EvoLab provides increasingly precise recommendations tailored to your individual fitness levels.


  • By monitoring your sleep patterns, SpO2 levels, and exercise intensity, The COROS advanced optical heart rate sensor ensures the most precise wrist-based measurements available.

  • Offering round-the-clock comfort, precise sensors, and exceptional battery life, PACE 3 delivers comprehensive insights into your sleep recovery on a nightly basis.

  • An updated satellite chipset, along with the optional Dual-Frequency feature, guarantees the accuracy of your GPS data, even in densely populated urban areas.

  • With water resistance to 5 ATM, the PACE 3 has no problem staying with you as you sweat, swim or shower.