BlackRoll Bands and Balls Mega Bundle

BlackRoll Bands and Balls Mega Bundle

BlackRoll Bands and Balls Mega Bundle

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Stretch and recover with a BlackRoll bundle featuring three resistance bands of varying strengths plus a foam ball and duoball.


Why we love it

Fascia foam balls, also known as massage or trigger point balls, offer several benefits for self-myofascial release and muscle therapy. Couple this with the resistance bands, offering controlled resistance to support gradual strength and mobility improvements, and you're set for effective tools that offer a range of benefits for fitness, rehabilitation, and overall wellbeing. 

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Fascia foam balls can precisely target regions of muscle tension, knots and trigger points, offering localised alleviation and encouraging relaxation. this can trigger increased circulation to the muscles and fascia, assisting in the distribution of oxygen and nutrients for improved tissue recovery.

In stretching, resistance bands improve flexibility and broaden the range of motion, streamlining the intensification of stretches and the maintenance of comfortable positions.

Each bundle includes:

1 x Fascia Foam Ball 08


Eight centimetres in diameter, the Foam Ball 08 is good for deep-seated muscle clusters and challenging-to-reach body parts such as the neck, back, shoulders and chest.

1 x Fascia Foam Duoball 08


The duoball is designed to facilitate the flexibility and rejuvenation of parallel muscle strands. By engaging in these exercises, you not only enhance muscular blood flow and flexibility, but also achieve targeted relief from tension and trigger points. Through slow and gradual movements, this ball becomes a tool for exploring sore muscles for tension release.  

1 x Resistance Loop Band 3-pack (30cm)


Wrapped in skin-friendly textiles, this assortment of resistance bands can be utilised for body stability and lowering the chance of injury by effectively targeting muscle chains. Incorporating resistance bands into your routine is perfect for stretching, warming up and mobility exercises.

- Light (Orange)

- Medium (Green)

- Strong ( Blue)

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