Your Absolute Muscle Cramps Solution by Fixx Nutrition

Your Absolute Muscle Cramps Solution by Fixx Nutrition

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In 2017, Fixx Nutrition founder Jan & Michell Buchegger pioneered innovative and highly effective products for their customers that would ultimately improve their lives. All products are HACCP accredited and are manufactured in their Burleigh Heads based in Queensland.

CrampFix is their signature product which gives you a rapid relief from muscle cramps. It was originally developed for professional rugby players that are often experiencing painful muscle cramps during matches. Jan & Michell’s 20 plus years experience in food manufacturing brings out their passion in continuing to explore and research innovative ideas to resolve these issues and help people LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE, reach their goals and have FUN!

Equipped with their amazing talent, commitment and brilliant minds, they broadened their products to a wider range of sports fuel to assist other endurance athletes with their nutritional requirement, and was recently appointed as Official Sports Nutrition partner for the iconic Gold Coast Marathon from 2022. The signature product CrampFix is now being sold in more than a thousand retailers all around Australia, as well as being exported in 15 different countries worldwide.

These sports products are used by a lot of professional teams and includes the Wallabies, UK Cricket and Football and the Springboks. They also offer products for rapid relief of non-exercise related muscle cramps.

Aid Station x Fixx Nutrition

We’ve teamed up with Fixx Nutrition to help you reach your performance goals. CrampFix is now available in our store for your convenience. Grab them now and stay cramp free!

Crampfix - QuickFix Shot

CrampFix QuickFix SHOTS are designed for athletes that need portable packaging when exercising. It is compact, which makes it easy to fit in jersey pockets, running belts, and saddle bags. Each SHOT contains 20mL of CrampFix which is enough to prevent and relieve muscle cramps and tightness.

CrampFix - Flip-Top Lid Squeeze Bottle

CrampFix Flip-Top Lid Squeeze Bottle is handy and easy to use. Especially developed to help athletes that suffer from painful cramps to get back to exercising cramp free. Don’t wait until you feel the twinge... be sure to have CrampFix with you all the time!

Fixx Nutrition - Fuel X Pro Endurance Drink Mix and Sachets

Fixx Nutrition Fuel X Pro Endurance Drink Mix is all you need to stay energised, well-replenished and hydrated during your training. This endurance drink mix contains quality fuel with high grade amino acids, electrolytes and carbohydrates for an improved performance and optimum endurance. It’s an all-natural ingredient, non-GMO, vegan friendly and gluten free.

Fixx Nutrition - Cold Brew Coffee Shot

Fixx Nutrition Cold Brew Coffee shot is a silky, velvety brew containing 150mg of naturally occurring caffeine plus 16g of carbohydrates is all you need for an extra energy kick, mid workout boost that is excellent for work, play, car & travel. This is made with 100% all-natural ingredients, gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Fixx Nutrition - Fuel X Endurance Drink Mix Fuel and Sachets

Fixx Nutrition Fuel X Endurance Fuel contains the finest ingredients that you need to stay hydrated, energised, well-replenished and keep you going further, longer! It also has a perfect balance of amino acids for an improved performance and optimum endurance.

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