Ultimate Guide to Pillar Performance

Ultimate Guide to Pillar Performance

Patrick Boxall ·

Micronutrition is having a massive moment and PILLAR Performance is leading the charge. If you’re looking to support joint health, immunity, recovery or energy levels, this young brand is doing big things and well worth investigating.. 

What is PILLAR Performance?

Created by Damien Fitzpatrick – an ex NSW Waratahs rugby player – and former world #1 triathlete Pip Taylor, PILLAR Performance is Australia’s first and only range of purposefully formulated sports micronutrition products. Taylor brings a background in sports dietetics while Fitzpatrick has firsthand experience of the impact that micronutrition can have on the human body. He believes that the sports nutrition market has focused primarily on macronutrients – carbs, fats and proteins – for too long.

PILLAR’s products focus on bones, immunity, recovery, inflammation and energy. They’re batch-tested for banned substances and backed by science to support the world’s best athletes. To read more about micronutrition, check out this article from Aid Station founder Jimmy.

Where is PILLAR Performance based?

PILLAR Performance is an Australian-owned micronutrition company based in Sydney, Australia. 


Is PILLAR Performance a good brand?

PILLAR Performance was created by two highly respected athletes who reached the pinnacle of their respective sports. Fitzpatrick  describes the PILLAR range as the products he wished he had during his rugby career, and judging by the sports teams and athletes who have come on board, he’s not alone in that sentiment. Teams including the Wallabies, Richmond Tigers and GWS Giants have incorporated PILLAR Performance into their team nutrition, as have endurance athletes like Ellie Salthouse, Zac Stubblety-Cook and Sam Appleton.


Best PILLAR Performance products

Below you’ll find a few of Aid Station’s favourite PILLAR Performance products.


PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Powder

Triple Magnesium by PILLAR Performance is a triple threat in your recovery arsenal. It helps to support muscle health, reduce muscle cramps and enhance your body's adaptation to stress. Featuring three select forms of bioavailable magnesium, this formulation may also relieve sleeplessness, which is handy if pre-race jitters keep you up all night. The Triple Magnesium Powder also comes in two delicious flavours that will have you bouncing back and forth between the two. 

Pillar Performance Triple Magnesium Powder | Pineapple Coconut


PILLAR Performance Motion Armour Tablet

Fleeting joint pains can be super frustrating after a prolonged, intense workout. Pretty much everyone suffers from it at some point. Motion Armour Joint Longevity by Pillar Performance is the first in the market that uses a patented natural ingredient to nutritionally support peak joint mobility, elasticity and flexibility to prevent muscle joint pain and stiffness.

PILLAR Performance Ultra Omega Joint Freedom Tablet

Thanks to its highly concentrated omega-3 triglycerides, Ultra Omega provides super-solid support for joint mobility while relieving mild inflammation and aches and pains. It’s a fish-oil tablet that contributes to overall wellbeing and supports cardiovascular health and cognitive function while promoting faster recovery.


PILLAR Performance Ultra Immune C Powder

We hate a cold, so if there’s a way to avoid them or shake ‘em off sooner, we’re here for it. Ultra Immune C keeps your immune system in top condition all year round, with the powerful formula providing direct, immediate support to the immune system. Add it to your daily routine to help you stay healthy and avoid unplanned downtime.

Pillar Performance Ultra Immune C

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