Ultimate Guide to Neversecond

Ultimate Guide to Neversecond

Pat Boxall ·

Though Neversecond can’t actually promise you’ll never come second, their products can get you to the finish line faster. The popular C-Series is formulated to provide all carbohydrate needs through gels, drinks and bars, keeping your performance nutrition consistent throughout a race or training regime. 


What is Neversecond?

Neversecond is a performance nutrition brand founded in 2020 by four competitive endurance athletes. They wanted to level the playing field by giving everyday athletes access to the same nutrition products and guidance as the pros. Neversecond claims to be ‘the first performance nutrition brand empowering athletes to plan, practice and perfect their performance fueling.’ Their C-Series products have been developed as a system using the same carbohydrate composition, allowing athletes to mix and match products to test and perfect their performance nutrition. With this, Neversecond is able to guide people with ‘a precise fueling and hydration plan for their training.

Where is Neversecond based?

Neversecond is based in Bayport, New York, but works with retailers across the globe.


Is Neversecond a good brand?

Neversecond is a high-quality performance nutrition brand. They work with Team Bahrain Victorious, on the cycling world tour, and elite athletes like Katie Schide (winner of UTMB ‘22 and current holder of the Western States course record) and Olympian Sofia Gomez Villafane, who has been crowned the ‘Queen of Gravel’. Neversecond uses evidence-based research to develop their products, avoids unnecessary ingredients and syrupy flavours, guarantees the absence of banned substances and tests new products exhaustively.

Best Neversecond products

Read more about a few of Aid Station’s favourite Neversecond products.


Neversecond C30 Drink Mix 

A single serving of Neversecond C30 Drink Mix delivers 120 calories including 30g of carbohydrates using a 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose blend. Expect a rapid increase in energy and hydration, with the isotonic mix containing 200mg of sodium to promote water absorption. The C30 Drink Mix is mildly flavoured, pH-neutral and easy on the gut, with all product batches being tested for, and certified free of, banned substances. Available in 640g 20-serve mix or as single-serve sachets for performance on the go.


Neversecond C30 Fuel Bars

Smooth in texture and easy to chew, the Neversecond C30 Fuel Bar was designed to be consumed quickly and deliver fast, sustained energy when it’s needed most. It’s low in fat, fibre and protein to reduce the risk of gastro-intestinal problems, but still provides 30g of carbohydrates in a 2:1 glucose-fructose blend. A great choice pre-workout or while training or racing.


Neversecond C30 Energy Gels

Rip, sip and stay on course with Neversecond C30 Energy Gels. These gels provide 30g of carbohydrates, like the rest of the C30 range, with a mild flavour and thin consistency minimising the chance of gastro-intestinal discomfort. Choose from citrus or berry and rest assured that all product batches are tested for, and certified free of, banned substances. A good option for anyone who has suffered stomach distress from gels in the past.


Neversecond Starter Pack

The perfect introduction to the Neversecond C-Series, this starter pack features a range of products designed around a consistent carbohydrate composition. Each product is crafted using 30g carbohydrate increments, enabling athletes to customise their nutrition strategy to their needs.


The Neversecond Starter Pack includes: 

3 x C30 Energy Gels (one w/ caffeine)

1 x C30 Ice Gel Cool Citrus (for hot conditions)

2 x C30 Fuel Bars

2 x C30 Drink Mix Single Sachets

1 x C90 High Carb Drink Mix Citrus (94g)

1 x Neversecond 500ml Water Bottle

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