How FORM SwimStraight™ Has Changed The Open-Water Game

How FORM SwimStraight™ Has Changed The Open-Water Game

Patrick Boxall ·

Ah, the swim. Who hasn’t planted two jelly legs on the sand and wished they were on the bike already? Who hasn’t copped a stray foot to the face, or a jellyfish to the throat, and recovered only to find they’re swimming in the wrong direction?

If you, like us, are all too familiar with the stress that accompanies an open-water swim, FORM’s SwimStraight technology may just be the answer to your salt-stained prayers. SwimStraight, which is available as a premium feature on FORM’s world-first smart goggles, is an immense addition to FORM’s revolutionary range and will not only keep you on track in all conditions, but also help shave seconds – perhaps even longer – off your overall time.

What is FORM?

Founded by competitive swimmer Dan Eisenhardt, FORM is a sports technology company specialising in augmented reality optics. FORM’s groundbreaking Smart Swim Goggles have changed the game when it comes to competitive swimming, with the augmented reality display offering real-time metrics and workouts for an immersive swimming experience at all levels.


What is FORM’s new SwimStraight technology?

SwimStraight is the world’s first in-goggle compass, a premium FORM feature that’s compatible with both the Smart Swim 1 and Smart Swim 2 goggles. SwimStraight delivers navigational feedback via a digital compass that can be viewed on the goggle lens in real-time. The goal? To reduce course deviation, improve swim efficiency and wipe seconds –  maybe even minutes – off your open-water swim times.

FORM Goggle Swimstraight™ Compass

How does SwimStraight work?

By using SwimStraight during an open-water swim, you’ll follow a digital compass to minimise deviation and also be able to view crucial information like elapsed time, heart rate and more.

You’ll need to turn the SwimStraight on before starting your swim as the feature cannot be turned on or off during an activity. You’ll be guided through a calibration process and then be invited to start your swim.

To use SwimStraight, look at your destination. Note the bearing, then lower your head into the water. The bearing will be most accurate when your head is looking down as this is how you will be swimming. Keep in mind that the bearing may change slightly as you swap from an upright position to being flat in the water.

To avoid the bearing swinging around too much, the Smart Swim goggles reduce the compass’s movement as you roll. Still, FORM recommends sighting your destination at least once every 20 seconds to ensure your bearing is correct and that there are no obstacles in your way. 

FORM Goggle Swimstraight™ AR Compass


Is SwimStraight allowed while racing?

FORM Smart Swim Goggles, and all their included features, have been granted race approval by World Triathlon, USA Triathlon and the Professional Triathletes Organisation and Supertri.

We recommend playing around with FORM and the SwimStraight feature before race day in order to get your head around the features and calibration. Once you get the hang of it, you’re sure to see an improvement in your stroke efficiency and swim times.

FORM SwimStraight™ Infographic

What’s the difference between Smart Swim 1 and Smart Swim 2?

As the name suggests, Smart Swim 2 is an upgraded version of FORM’s original goggle, the Smart Swim 1. In addition to FORM’s patented, award-winning augmented reality display, Smart Swim 2 comes with an integrated heart rate monitor, upgraded eye seals, an extended strap and a 15% size reduction of the tech pack for better hydrodynamics.  

Check the FORM range here.

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