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COROS - Hearth Rate Monitor
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COROS - Heart Rate Monitor

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Why We Love It

The COROS Heart Rate Monitor offers a comfortable and hassle-free alternative to chest straps, making it easier to wear during workouts. With simple adjustments for fit and easy sensor removal for cleaning, it ensures precise measurements using advanced multi-channel optical sensor. Enjoy up to 3 simultaneous Bluetooth connections, automatic pairing for new workouts, and impressive battery life, rechargeable with a magnetic USB cable.


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The COROS Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with all Bluetooth heart rate-enabled devices, providing over 38 hours of continuous, precise heart rate monitoring for your workouts. Optical heart rate sensors function through light to gauge blood flow in the skin's capillaries. While the wrist serves as a convenient spot for a watch, it presents challenges for sensor accuracy. Placing the sensor on the arm provides the sensors with optimal blood flow, ensuring heart rate data collection accuracy comparable to traditional chest straps. Optimise The HR Monitor with seamless integration across COROS watches and apps or pair with up to three devices simultaneously, including non-COROS watches and other Bluetooth-compatible equipment like indoor trainers and bike computers. 


Fast Facts

- Dimensions: 42.5 x 28.4 x 9.1mm

- Weight Sensor & Band: 19g

- Band Material: Polyester fiber, nylon, spandex

- Fit: 7.09-12.6 inches (18-32cm)

- Bluetooth connectivity

- Real-time heart rate data

- Battery Life: Activity Mode - 38hours / Standby Mode - 80days

- Battery Capacity: 55 mAh

- Charging Time: Less than 2 hours

- Charging Cable: USB Type-A

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Designed for effortless integration with your preferred COROS watches and app, it can also simultaneously connect with three devices, including non-COROS watches and various Bluetooth-compatible indoor trainers, bike computers, and beyond.

Offering 38 hours of continuous use or 80 days on standby from just one charge, the COROS Heart Rate Monitor is designed for lasting performance. Easily monitor the battery level through your COROS watch or app, and utilise the magnetic cable for swift recharging when needed.


Contained within a robust yet stylish exterior and safeguarded by a scratch-resistant cover, COROS's state-of-the-art multi-channel optical sensor in the latest iteration guarantees superior signal quality. Expect consistent and precise heart rate data for years to come, courtesy of this advanced sensor technology.


Featuring integrated wear detection, the COROS Heart Rate monitor activates and deactivates automatically depending on whether it's being worn. This functionality ensures seamless connectivity to your paired devices whenever you start a workout session.

Optical heart rate sensors work by using light to measure blood flow in capillaries beneath the skin. By wearing on the arm, it provides the optical sensor an optimal amount of blood flow to gather heart rate data with precision.