Maurten - Discovery 8 Pack

Maurten - Discovery 8 Pack

Maurten - Discovery 8 Pack

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Introducing a Maurten kaleidoscope of nutritional goodness

The Maurten Discovery 8 Pack is a complete variety bundle featuring one of everything Maurten has to offer. This all-inclusive bundle provides an excellent opportunity to sample Maurten's amazing range at exceptional value (save 10% of total value). Tailored specifically for runners, triathletes, cyclists and other endurance athletes seeking premium nutrition to optimise their performance, this pack is the best way to get to know Maurten. 


Every bundle includes: 

1 x Maurten Gel 100:

A unique energy gel that uses hydrogel technology to deliver carbohydrates and electrolytes to your body. This gel is easy to digest, doesn't require water to be consumed and won't cause stomach upset.

1 x Maurten Gel 100 CAF 100:

A caffeinated version of the Maurten Gel 100, designed to give you an extra boost when you need it most. This gel contains 100mg of caffeine per serving, which can help improve focus, reduce fatigue and enhance performance. 


1 x Maurten Solid 225 Energy Bar (Natural):

Solid 225 contains 44 grams of carbohydrates, 260mg of sodium and 2.6g of protein – a perfect combination to refuel your body and optimise your training efforts before and after a workout and during event races.


1 x Maurten Solid 225 Energy Bar (Cacao):

A delicious cacao version of the Solid 225, featured above.

1 x Maurten Drink Mix 160:

A revolutionary sports drink that delivers high levels of carbohydrates (40g per serving) without causing gastrointestinal distress. This drink mix is designed to be consumed before, during and after intense exercise to keep you fuelled and hydrated.

1 x Maurten Drink Mix 320:

The highest concentration of carbohydrates available on the market, this sports drink mix provides an incredible 80g of carbs per serving. It's designed for ultra-endurance athletes who need to maintain high levels of energy for extended periods.


1 x Maurten Drink Mix 320 CAF 100:

A caffeinated version of the Drink Mix 320 containing 100mg of caffeine.

1 x Maurten 750ml drink bottle:

Lightweight and easy on the eye, this drink bottle is the perfect sidekick for any endurance race. Features a streamline design for standard bottle cages on bikes.

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