Hyperice - Ice Compression - Knee

Hyperice - Ice Compression - Knee
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Hyperice - Ice Compression - Knee

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Why We Love It

The Hyperice Knee Ice Compression is the product that initiated a revolution. Crafted from machine-washable premium neoprene, it offers professional-grade compression to secure an ultra-thin antimicrobial ice cell precisely where it's needed. The ice cell incorporates a patented air-release valve, ensuring the ice stays in position for maximum cold surface contact. Developed in partnership with elite athletes globally, Hyperice propels this staple recovery tool into the future.


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Developed with insights from world-class athletes, the Hyperice Knee Ice Compression system is designed for optimal recovery, reducing discomfort and enhancing mobility. Ice compression is a cornerstone of effective recovery, offering therapeutic benefits that accelerate healing and reduce discomfort. By combining targeted pressure and controlled cold therapy, it minimises inflammation, soothes sore muscles, and promotes circulation. This approach reduces swelling and aids in muscle repair, making it an essential tool for athletes and individuals recovering from injuries, ensuring a quicker return to peak performance and daily activities. 


Fast Facts

 - Ultra-thin antimicrobial ice cell with watertight seal

Machine-washable neoprene wrap

- TSA approved for carry-on

- Rapid targeted ice therapy


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