GU Energy - Energy Gels Mix 7 Pack - Citrus & Berry Delight

GU Energy - Energy Gels Mix 7 Pack - Citrus & Berry Delight

GU Energy - Energy Gels Mix 7 Pack - Citrus & Berry Delight

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Citrus & Berry Delight make for a Juicy & Sweet combination.
A gathering of juicy citrus & berry gels catered towards the athlete that enjoys the subtle flavours of their favourite fruits. This GU Energy Gel party pack features 7 mouth-watering energy gels to provide a quick and sustained energy boost during intense workouts and races. Not only are the gels a feel good source of fuel, but they are packed with essential electrolytes to prevent cramps and amino acids to reduce muscle fatigue. GU Energy Gels are your ultimate source of rapid fuel. With a range of delicious flavours and easy-to-digest formula, you'll stay focused and energized every step of the way.
Elevate your endurance game and satisfy your tastebuds with the GU Energy Gels Citrus & Berry Delight 7 Pack. 
Package Includes:
GU Energy Gels
1 x Mandarin Orange (with caffeine)
1 x Tri-Berry (with caffeine)
1 x Jet Blackberry (with caffeine)
1 x Salted Watermelon (with caffeine)
1 x Lemon Sublime
1 x Strawberry Banana
1 x Raspberry Lemonade
The carbohydrates in this 100 calorie packet use non-competing pathways to help maximise carbohydrate absorption without adding stress to the stomach. This handy gel pack also contains sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, to aid hydration alongside 450mg branched-chain amino acids which can reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage.

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