Chimpanzee - Hazelnut Butter - Chocolate

Chimpanzee - Hazelnut Butter - Chocolate
Chimpanzee - Hazelnut Butter - Chocolate - 7 Pack
Chimpanzee - Hazelnut Butter - Chocolate - Box of 14

Chimpanzee - Hazelnut Butter - Chocolate


Why We Love it
Get ready to taste the goodness of Chimpanzee BIO Hazelnut Butter! Packed with wholesome hazelnuts, it's loaded with omega-6 fatty acids and a blend of vitamins and minerals to boost muscle regeneration, brain activity, and heart health. This easy-to-store snack is a scrumptious delight, packed with protein and addictive energy. Perfectly paired with crackers, fruits, and cereals for a bonzer treat. So go on, tuck in, and enjoy every mouthwatering bite of this ripe delight!

Talk Nerdy To Me
Chimpanzee Hazelnut Butter offers more than just great taste! It includes MCT oil from organic coconuts, which readily converts to energy. Sunflower protein is an excellent whey protein alternative, while agave syrup keeps the glycemic index low for efficient absorption. Additionally, the cocoa content not only enhances flavour but also has mood-lifting properties. This medical marvel provides a nutritious and mood-boosting option for individuals seeking a delicious and health-conscious nut butter choice. Enjoy the benefits of this wholesome blend while tantalising your taste buds!

Fast Facts
- Vegan and gluten-friendly
- Suitable for everyday energy
- 20g of BIO Sunflower protein
- Available in 60g single pack, a box of 7 packs and 14 packs

Suitable for every day energy, hiking and post exercise. 

Nutrition Facts per 100g per pc 60g  
Calories 2580kJ
Fat 51g 31g  
Sat. fat. 23g 14g  
Carbs 17g 10g  
Sugars 13g 8g  
Fibre 9g 5g  
Proteins 20g 12g  
Salt 0.26g 0.13g

Ingredients: BIO Agave Syrup* (15%), BIO Hazelnuts* (50%), BIO Sunflower Protein* (18%), BIO Cocoa* (2%), BIO MCT Oil* (15%). 

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