Aid Station - Mega Drink Mix & Hydration - 8 Pack

Aid Station - Mega Hydration - 8 Pack

Aid Station - Mega Drink Mix & Hydration - 8 Pack

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Hydrate, revive and thrive.

This curated selection of electrolyte-rich tabs and drink mixes is perfect for athletes, adventurers and anyone on the go. These mixes, sourced from seven different brands, are designed to replenish vital minerals lost through sweat and keep you fuelled with carbohydrates and electrolytes. Each pack includes:

1 x C30 Drink Mix Single Sachet Forest Berry

Each serving delivers precisely 30g of carbohydrates using a 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose ratio. The isotonic mix contains 200mg of sodium to promote rapid water absorption.

1 x Science In Sport Go Hydro Tablets Pineapple & Mango

Replace critical electrolytes lost through sweat with SiS Hydro Tablets. Hydro tablets contain sodium and potassium – two electrolytes that work together to maintain fluid balance in the body and prevent the adverse effects of dehydration on performance.

1 x Skratch Labs Sports Hydration Drink Oranges

The electrolyte profile of this mix matches what is actually lost in sweat: 800mg sodium, 80mg potassium, 100mg calcium and 80mg of magnesium per litre. Real fruit is used for flavouring, while sugar levels remain impressively low at 4g per 100mL. It’s a simple, scientific solution and potentially your new favourite sports drink.

1 x PURE Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Hydration Lemon Sachet

PURE’s electrolyte hydration sachets can make a big difference in your energy levels, replacing all those nutrients lost during strenuous exercise with its pure, all-natural electrolyte makeup: 300mg of sodium, 90mg of potassium, 75mg of magnesium, and 60mg of calcium.

1 x Precision Fuel & Hydration PH 1000 Electrolyte Tablets Mild Citrus

Designed to help you stay hydrated with a hypotonic formula that absorbs fluid more effectively during exercise, these tabs are low in calories, vegan and independently batch tested. Contains 1000mg of sodium per litre when mixed as directed.

1 x GU Energy Hydration Tabs Strawberry Hibiscus (with caffeine)

Offering endurance athletes a low-calorie drink option at only 10 calories per serve, GU tabs use xylitol instead of sorbitol to help reduce gastrointestinal distress. Each serve contains 320mg of sodium and 55mg of potassium to help maintain water balance and replenish fluids.

1 x Maurten Drink Mix 320

The highest concentration of carbohydrates available on the market, this sports drink mix provides an incredible 80g of carbs per serving. It's designed for ultra-endurance athletes who need to maintain high levels of energy for extended periods.

1 x Maurten Drink Mix 320 CAF 100

A caffeinated version of the Drink Mix 320, this drink is designed for ultra-endurance athletes who not only need to maintain high levels of energy for extended periods, but also require an extra boost to push them through something truly epic.

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