Ultimate Guide to PURE Sports Nutrition

Ultimate Guide to PURE Sports Nutrition

Patrick Boxall ·

Say Kia Ora to PURE Sports Nutrition – high-quality, all-natural endurance fuel shipped fresh from the Land of the Long White Cloud. 


What is PURE Sports Nutrition?

PURE Sports Nutrition was started by siblings Simon Krrak and Marewa Sutherland in 2012. Athletes themselves, they understood the importance of nutrition for training and races and struggled to find products that met their standards for taste, performance and ingredient quality. All PURE’s products – from gels and chews to protein and hydration powders – are developed and produced in New Zealand using high-quality natural ingredients. 


Where is PURE Sports Nutrition based?

PURE Sports Nutrition is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, with their HQ store open Monday–Friday from 9am–2pm. They’re based in the south of Christchurch, perfectly placed to access the roads, trails and inviting (albeit chilly) waters of the Banks Peninsula, as well as the Southern Alps.


Is PURE Sports Nutrition a good brand?

PURE Sports Nutrition is a highly respected brand. Their athletes and ambassadors include the Hurricanes Super Rugby team, netballer Greer Sinclair, adventure racer Sam Manson, cyclist Em Viotto and the Oxford Edge cycling team.


Best PURE Sports Nutrition products


Below you’ll find a few of Aid Station’s favourite PURE products.


PURE Sports Nutrition Energy Gels

These tiny but mighty gels take a no-fuss approach to performance nutrition. With an easy-to-open packet, PURE Energy Gels offer a premium blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes to help you go further, faster. With vegan and caffeinated options, gel flavours include banana Manuka honey, orange/lemon/lime and cola.

PURE Sports Nutrition Fluid Energy Gels

These natural, easy-to-use sports gels are perfect for training and racing. Featuring real fruit flavours, PURE Fluid Energy Gels offer a refreshing hit of carbohydrates and electrolytes in a more fluid consistency, differentiating them from most gels on the market.

Pure Sports Fluid Energy Gels


PURE Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Hydration

An isotonic electrolyte sport drink designed to keep you hydrated during training, racing and resting. We love the flavour of freeze-dried fruit and the potent blend of electrolytes in every sip. Contains crucial electrolytes including sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium and available as a single-serve 42g sachet or 500g bag.

Pure Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Hydration


PURE Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Replacement Capsules

A brand-new grab-and-go electrolyte solution formulated to help maintain your body’s electrolyte levels and replace minerals lost during sustained strenuous exercise. Tasteless, vegan and with no added carbohydrates or colouring, these capsules contain caffeine for added energy and are great in hot conditions when extra electrolytes are needed.

Pure Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Replacement Caps

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